Reminiscent Studio
Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding: an event, which express a greater aspiration that laying the foundation of a new family. There will be moments of happiness and sadness, surprises and fear. Days when you will be surrounded by your entire family, friends, relatives and near & dear once. A timeless event you would like to carry with you for the rest of your life.

Those are the days, when all of you, want to dance like a super dancer. The days of surprises, the days which has many moments, which contains every types of emotions, happiness, sadness, surprises and fear. Some of them you will remember for rest of your life, some of them you may forgot.

We believe that Reminiscent Studio is there to capture these moments. Reminiscent Studio is here to create the Reminiscent for your wonderful moments. After years, when you look at images, you will feel the same emotions, which you have felt back then the Reminiscent Studio has created for you.

So, just relax and enjoy these moments and feel the happiness around you, let us create the Reminiscent of the wonderful moments, for your lifetime remembrances.