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Experimenting With Low Key Black And White Photography

Think dark, moody shadows. Sparse illumination and a somber atmosphere. No color. This is low key black and white photography. Usually one main light, or ‘key’ light, falls on your subject and the background fades to black. It’s all about the highlights and shadows and how they define the shapes in your composition. Subject Selection […]

How To Shoot Minimalist Portrait Photography

Sometimes, all you want to do is go out and take striking photos of people. Some of us don’t want to worry about complicated plans, equipment, and locations. Minimalist portrait photography is the key to this. Here’s how to shoot simple and powerful portraits. What Is Minimalist Portrait PhotographyMinimalist portrait photography is a sub-genre that’s […]

The Brenizer Method | Documentary

Can you imagine somebody coining a method after you? It’s called “The Brenizer Method” and we’re going to learn from the talented photojournalist turned wedding photojournalist. From taking photos of everyone from Muhammad Ali to President Obama, Ryan Brenizer teaches us the importance of capturing a great story. Brenizer puts it best, “Photography has filled […]

Tips For Capturing Colorful, Messy First Birthday Photos

Nothing quite says beautiful mess like first birthday cake smash photography. But when you decide to go the DIY route, the results tend to be less beautiful and more mess. From shooting my firstborn’s cake smash to his little sister’s, I’ve discovered a few tricks to getting colorful, messy first birthday photos with DIY cake […]

How To Shoot Fashion Editorial Photography

Commercial photography, fashion photography, and editorial photography all exist in the same universe. But they have significant differences. Fashion editorial photography focuses more on storytelling than advertising. It also offers more creative possibilities. Here’s all you need to know about how to shoot fashion editorial photography. WHAT IS AN EDITORIAL IN PHOTOGRAPHY?An editorial is a […]

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