Reminiscent Studio

Intentionality With Photography | An Interview With Tyler Shields

“Considered the Andy Warhol of his generation, Tyler Shields has produced images that play with notions of the gaze, power structures, hyper-realism, iconoclastic-tendencies, and cinematographic practice, but his Mouthful series of works are among his best known” – Sotheby’s How many people actually make a living selling their prints as a photographer? The number is […]

Dominatrix, Mick Jagger, Hitchcock, Christy Turlington, And Africa | An Interview With Lauren Bush And Albert Watson

Dominatrix, Mick Jagger, Hitchcock, Christy Turlington and Africa are discussed by Lauren Bush and Albert Watson on this talk. A fresh and informative look at the art of photography and the stories behind the images. In each episode, renowned celebrity lensman Mark Seliger invites a fellow photographer and celebrity photography-buff into his NYC studio to […]

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