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What Is Asymmetrical Balance Photography And How To Use It!

To be honest, asymmetry in photography composition made me panic at first. I love symmetrical balance in everything! When I stroll around in cities or go hiking, I always look for symmetry. I often photograph reflections because I love how they create symmetrically balanced scenes. It’s easy to find symmetrical balance and use it in […]

Techniques And Tools For Creative Storytelling With HDSLRs

Multiple award-winning DP Kirk Neff shares his cutting edge techniques using DSLRs to create a beautiful cinematic look in the fast-paced world of long-format news and documentary television. Kirk has honed his skills during a 20-year career shooting on five continents. Along the way, he has developed specialized tools to maximize creativity and flexibility in […]

10 Tips For Using Vibrant Colors For Colorful Photography

Vibrant colors are easy to find, especially during the warmer months. This is a great excuse to deepen your knowledge of colors, photography, and how they work together. For The Best Results, Adjust Your Camera Settings Pay attention to your white balance when you photograph vibrant colors. The wrong adjustment will make your photos look […]

Try These Grunge Photography Tips For Edgy Photos

Grunge photography is a style where the final image looks dirty, distressed, or distorted. To create grunge pictures a photographer uses in-camera technique and edgy post-processing. Much like grunge music with its antsy lyrics and distorted chords, the best grunge photos will bring up disturbing emotions. Here’s how to achieve that grunge photography look. The […]

7 Great Secrets For A Successful Portrait Photo Shoot

Do you want to know seven secrets for a successful photoshoot? These practical photography tips are essential for those amazing portrait photography sessions. I’ve put them all together here for you. You can use these photo shoot tips to build up your personal photography portfolio. Your portrait photography sessions will be more fruitful. Plan Ahead […]

How To Break The Rules Of Photography Composition For Creative Results

Breaking the rules of photography composition can, in fact, lead to creative results, if done properly. The rules of photography and photographic composition are not very strict. There are no penalties for doing it ‘wrong’. Technical purists might tell you otherwise. I am more inclined to teach creative expression rather than technical perfection. Getting too […]

How To Use Vanishing Points In Photography Composition

Vanishing points can enhance your images and improve your composition. It takes time to master the concept. However, the vanishing point is an effective tool to lead the viewers’ eyes and add interest to your photographs. WHAT IS A VANISHING POINT? A vanishing point is a compositional tool that originates from paintings. It is an […]

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing And Placing Photography Subjects

The subject is the essence of your photograph. Two photographers can stand at the same spot, at the same time, looking at the same scene and choosing completely different subjects. The subject you choose and where you place it determines your final result. But how do you choose a photography subject? And how do you […]

Creative Process For Photography In 2021 | A Seminar By Claire Rosen

2021 is here, and it is time to reset our artistic goals. Fine art and still life photographer Claire Rosen will teach you how to be creative, how to brainstorm, and how to execute your photography ideas. About Speaker: Claire Rosen is an award-winning artist whose elaborate constructions often feature anthropomorphic animals, archetypal heroines, or […]

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