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How To Make Use Of Perspective In Pet Photography

If you have a pet, there’s a good chance you’ve photographed them. Whether this is just a hobby, or you’ve turned it into a lucrative business, your pet photography can benefit from learning how to use perspective in pet photography. Perspective in photography refers to the sense of depth or spatial relationships between objects in […]

What Is Asymmetrical Balance Photography And How To Use It!

To be honest, asymmetry in photography composition made me panic at first. I love symmetrical balance in everything! When I stroll around in cities or go hiking, I always look for symmetry. I often photograph reflections because I love how they create symmetrically balanced scenes. It’s easy to find symmetrical balance and use it in […]

How To Use Vanishing Points In Photography Composition

Vanishing points can enhance your images and improve your composition. It takes time to master the concept. However, the vanishing point is an effective tool to lead the viewers’ eyes and add interest to your photographs. WHAT IS A VANISHING POINT? A vanishing point is a compositional tool that originates from paintings. It is an […]

Rules of Composition – Single Point

Working with a single point of interest in a photo is one of the most basic forms of composition available. It’s quite a common occurrence and it pays to know what to do with it. A single point can provide interest to an otherwise plain photo. They’re usually fairly small and contrasting to the rest of the scene. A photo doesn’t need any points of interest to be successful though.

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