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How To Take Better Natural Light Portraits

Many photographers choose to use natural light as their chosen style, almost as a badge of honour. Natural light is a wonderful source, providing ease of use and flattering light to your subjects, but you should be using it the same way as you would studio lights. You need to create light and shade that will add emotion or mood, not flat lighting that gives no shape, texture or mood. Hopefully these tips will help you on a path to refining your natural light classic portraits.

What Is The Difference Between Technique And Artistic Creativity in Photography?

Creative aspects are often left out, even after you’ve picked up some camera skills. Developing a balanced approach to photography is important. If you’re content to just document what’s in front of you, don’t worry about it. You need to know how to operate your camera competently to be creative with it. Camera technique vs artistic creativity is a matter of engaging both brain hemispheres.

Tips For Better Portraits – How To Pose And Angle The Body

When someone hires you to take portraits or head shots of them, it’s important you understand how to pose them, and angle the body toward the camera. By understanding this, you will also be able to work more efficiently, which will benefit both you and the client. You have to remember that most people don’t like to have their photo taken, so you want the process to move along swiftly.

Why We Become A Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography is one of the most popular genres out there. If you don’t believe, take a look around the room the next time you get invited to a wedding. Nearly every guest is documenting every detail of the wedding – right from the bride walking down the aisle to the happy couple sharing their first dance. Now, not everyone is taking photos with a professional-grade camera. Most guests will be using a mobile phone or even a great entry-level DSLR camera. But weddings are such a happy moment that people almost always feel compelled to take photos.

Tips To Include Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos

Whether you got your dog when you first moved in together or your pup was there when your partner popped the question, it’s not surprising that many couples look to include their pets in the wedding festivities. While having your dog serve as the ring bearer or flower girl may seem stressful to you (not to mention forbidden at your venue), there’s nothing more adorable than having your pooch pop up in your engagement photos. Here, nine tips on including your beloved companion in your engagement session.

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