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The Wedding Trends to Keep and Ditch in 2020 – Tips From Top Wedding Planners

Every new year comes with new engagements, new seasons, new fashion and décor trends…and, this year, a new decade! Keep reading for more on what trends the pros are over and what they’re still here for in 2020. We’ve broken everything down according to the expert we talked to – and while we had their attention, we asked everyone to share their best bits of planning advice. So, basically, if you’re getting married in 2020, we have everything you need to know below!

From Crimson Red Blooms To Festive Greenery: Gorgeous Winter Wedding Bouquets Ideas

When thinking of seasonal arrangements, start with the colors that feel most reminiscent of the time of year. For the colder months, we love deep burgundy, crisp emerald green, snowy white, and classic blue. Select a bouquet that features a combination of these colors for a winter-inspired look that won’t read like holiday décor. Another great way to “winterize” your bouquet is by selecting in-season additions, like evergreen sprigs, berries, or acorns. When deftly incorporated, these little touches help amp up the seasonal feel without screaming “winter wonderland!”

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