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Jeremy Cowart: Celebrity Photographer And Founder Of Help-Portrait

Jeremy Cowart is a powerful name and a trailblazer in the photography industry. But it’s not just his photographs that are creating a craze; it’s his art, his nature, his philanthropic platforms, his talent and his unbelievable like-ability.   Besides the fact that his viewfinder has seen the likes of many major celebrities from Nashville to Los Angeles, he balances his passions with other arts, his family, and giving back.

From his job of graphic design and then making the jump to photography, Jeremy quickly earned the respect of artists, photographers, and major celebrities alike.  But in the eyes of those outside the industry, it’s his Help-Potrait movement that put his philanthropic aspirations on the map.  In a relatively short amount of time, Cowart created a worldwide event through Help-Portrait with thousands of photographers worldwide sharing their time, equipment and expertise to give to those less fortunate.

Through other projects such as Cowart’s moving work with “Voices of Haiti”, his upcoming iPhone app, his LifeFinder Tour, work, and his family, it’s amazing to think that he can balance it all.  But today, with his charming wife, Shannon, and two darling children, we take an inside look on what truly is most important.

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