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Pet Lifestyle And Portraiture By Grace Chon

All photography subject should be created equal regardless of size, shape and fur type. Recognized as the Best Pet Photographer in the Los Angeles area, Grace Chon likes to consider her furry photography subjects as equals. She adores them and from the looks of the head tilts and smiles of her subjects, they adore her as well.

With a background of award winning advertising and design work, Grace decided to take photos of dogs were in need of homes. She then realized that her passion and love was in the art of capturing pets in their natural most happy state. And this quickly turned into a full time passion.

Combining her Masters of Fine Art degree and her back art director in advertising, Grace creates modern, editorial-style portraits of people and animals. In a very short period of time, Shine Pet Photos has becom of of LA’s most sought after pet photography boutiques. Clients not include top magazines, publishing companies, non-profits, TV Shows and celebrities.

In her free time, Grace also takes headshots of homeless dogs for various rescue groups in town, affectionately referred to as “Extreme Dog Makeovers”.

Today, Grace, who we like to call “The Dog Whisperer” shows us that pet photography is more than just snapping a moment, it’s training, rewarding and loving. Not only does she utilize natural light and dog food but she must instantly gain her subject’s trust.

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