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Signature: Finding Your Soul’s Genius & Voice In Your Photography | A Talk By Karen Hutton

Karen has a rich and diverse background as an actor, voice over artist, professional ice-skater and dancer, horse trainer, photographer, photo workshop instructor… (the list goes on!) We are excited to be able to share with you her inspirational and moving talk on the importance of finding your own personal signature.

About Topic: Our true “signature” represents our unique point of view, our story, our own particular take on things. It’s an authentic imprint of Who You Are. A recognizably signature photo or art piece bears a stamp of the creator’s soul.  When this view of life and the world is successfully woven into our photography, something magical and wonderful often happens on the inside. New possibilities open up, new ways of seeing things, an expanded vision occurs; which often encompasses not just our art, but our life. It can even be transformative. And, not surprisingly, this is often when we begin to be recognized for our work.  Karen shares part of her own personal “signature journey” and offers simple, usable ideas for embarking upon – or deepening – your own search for signature.

About Speaker: I grew up telling stories. With photography, of course; but also as an actor, dancer, figure skater, singer (even horse trainer of 35 years!) and currently – voiceover artist. I taught each of these disciplines professionally, including coaching TV/Radio news broadcasters for 25 years. The interdisciplinary nature of my entire life is one big story in itself, which it has shaped the way I look at everything.

In the voiceover realms, I’m the voice of the Guide in Trey Ratcliff’s “Stuck On Earth” app, the voice of navigation in “MotionX-GPS Drive”, the narrator on the national PBS special “Echoes of Creation” and the voice of countless commercials, announcements, voice systems and tutorials worldwide.

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