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Must Take Wedding Images

Your Lovely Clothes

You know how excited you were about picking your wedding clothes and that it will always hold a treasured spot in your wardrobe, so let’s preserve this memory for the wedding album as well!
And the groom’s too…

The Preparations

All those butterflies in your stomach about if you will look your best for the best day of your life so clearly painted on the face as you get ready.

Rings and Jewellery

In Indian weddings rings, bangles and other kinds of jewelry play a vital part as they mean a lot more than glamorous decoration. They come with immense sentimental value and are treasures that you will safeguard for the rest of your life.

The Great Feat!

Indian weddings are indeed a great feat in themselves! But we are referring to your wonderfully clad feet, don’t you think an artsy shot of this looks both playful and beautiful.

Mehendi and Haldi Ceremony

This is every bride’s pampering time surrounded by beloved family members and friends. As lovely shades of turmeric are applied to her blushing cheeks and intricate Mehendi patterns adorn her hands and legs, the cameras must click to record this moment for posterity!

The Wedding Utensils

Different weddings, be it Christian or Hindu or Muslim have different traditions that use a variety of utensils and other props, an artsy shot of this is great for the album cover or even a blow-up at home.

The Sentimental Traditions

Every marriage has its own special traditions, it may or may not be part of the main ceremony, but be sure to record these moments as well. What will amaze you later is the pure look of concentration and happiness on your faces as you do even the smallest of tasks that day.

The Setting

A lot of thought and planning went into creating the spot for your dream wedding, preserve pictures of the beautiful setting. In fact, you may be too busy to observe the minute details on your D-day but browsing through your album you will feel very much loved indeed!

The Friends

Marriages are a lot of serious business, traditions and customs interrupted only by the playful chatter of friends. Friends of the bride and the groom light up the event to be more than just traditions, they bring in interesting stories about the bride and groom; making the entire event fun and lively.

The Ceremony

This is where you say “I Do” and every marriage is about saying I do, even if it varies in gestures between various cultures. The ceremony can be anything from just five minutes to many hours of various procedures. All of them are going to be unique and once-in-a-lifetime kind, so snap away!

The Dancing

Indian weddings are known to be pure entertainment. Bring out the best of clothes, great music, throw in some fancy moves and you have a wedding to remember! Get some of those energetic dance shots that will have you smiling whenever you look at them.

The Send-Off

The decked up car or chariot or maybe something even wackier awaits outside, the bride and groom step out in trepidation looking forward to grand adventures and the parents look on with emotions running high.

The Couple Shots

The romance does live on, but there is a special something in the air on your wedding day, the intensity of hope and love that is so evident in your happy faces. No better time to take those couple shots than on this day!