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Stuck at Home? Try This 10 Creative DIY Photo Ideas

  • Use everyday props to play with the light while making portraits. Play with colanders, cut shapes into cardboard, or use pieces of material to filter the window light or other artificial lighting.
  • Use glass and ice as a foreground for some cool portraits.
  • Use fairy lights for some great portrait effects, or if you have no model, just photograph the lights themselves and create bokeh.
  • Do some food photography. Make a seamless DIY backdrop using a pillowcase or similar.
  • Do some Ninja photos using oranges or similar. Cut them in half and use skewers to make them look like they are floating. Photograph yourself making a Ninja move, so it looks like you have just cut it in half. Or, if you don’t want to be in the photo, simply make them look like they are floating.
  • Duplicate yourself in photos by placing your camera on a tripod and taking multiple photos of yourself in different positions. Then composite the photos together in a program such as Photoshop by using Layer Masks.
  • Try levitation photography. Use masks again to remove your chair (or whatever you have used to make it look like you or the person you are photographing are levitating).
  • Try some birds eye photography by attaching your phone to the ceiling and taking some shots of the room below.
  • Make some cool lighting effects using reflections! Or shoot using objects that refract or diffract the light, such as reading glasses, crystal, drinking glasses, CDs, or knives.
  • Create your own neon background. Do a search for colorful or neon backgrounds, and place the image on your TV or screen. Then photograph your subject in front of it.
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