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How Taking Pictures Of Pets Will Make You A Better Photographer

Pictures of pets are capable of melting the coldest of hearts and improving the worst of days. One can’t help but imagine how delightful the photoshoots must be. If you were to witness the photo-taking process for your favorite images, you’d discover a world of accidents, loud noises, and challenges. As effortless as these adorable […]

9 Tips For Better Beauty Photography: From Poses To Lighting

Beauty photography will open doors into editorial and commercial work. But capturing beauty images can be a little intimidating when you’re starting out. These 9 tips will help you take great editorial quality beauty photography. Why You Should Hire Makeup And Hair Stylists It goes without saying that beauty portraits take a whole creative team […]

Become A Better Photographer By Self-Portraiture

Meaningful self-portraiture photography is no small feat. It involves focus, persistence, and an endless openness to improvement. As both the photographer and model, you’re in charge of posing, lighting, and camera settings.

As challenging as these responsibilities are, they’re more than just extra work. They’re opportunities to become a better photographer in general. I started taking self-portraits because I was simply drawn to the genre. I had no idea that the challenges I faced would shape me into a more empathetic, expressive, and observant individual. But when I started taking photos of other people and things, I realised how much self-portraiture had affected my photography.

Stuck At Home? Try This Tips For Better Indoor Photography

When I first started indoor photography, I was afraid of the limitations. As a natural light enthusiast, I wanted to have as few restrictions as possible. When I discovered the positive sides of this genre, I was able to pinpoint my creative weaknesses. It helped me strengthen the skills I already had. Indoor photography is a flexible genre for several reasons

How To Take Better Natural Light Portraits

Many photographers choose to use natural light as their chosen style, almost as a badge of honour. Natural light is a wonderful source, providing ease of use and flattering light to your subjects, but you should be using it the same way as you would studio lights. You need to create light and shade that will add emotion or mood, not flat lighting that gives no shape, texture or mood. Hopefully these tips will help you on a path to refining your natural light classic portraits.

Tips For Better Portraits – How To Pose And Angle The Body

When someone hires you to take portraits or head shots of them, it’s important you understand how to pose them, and angle the body toward the camera. By understanding this, you will also be able to work more efficiently, which will benefit both you and the client. You have to remember that most people don’t like to have their photo taken, so you want the process to move along swiftly.

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