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Don’t Have DSLR? Here Are 12 Tips To Use Smartphone For Fashion Photography

People don’t normally think of using smartphones for fashion photography shoots. However, with the high-resolution cameras, these devices feature these days, they’re now more than capable of producing breath-taking images. With these few simple smartphone photography tips and tricks, you might not even need that DSLR for your next #OOTD. Develop A Theme When planning […]

What Is Fashion Photography: The Different Types Of Fashion Photography You Should Know

Fashion photography is as diverse as the clothing styles we wear. Here are the various fashion photography types you should know. Keep this list handy and you’ll soon be able to photograph models in any scenario. Popular Fashion Genres The type of outfit dictates how we shoot photos. And every fashion genre has a specific […]

Fashion Photography: Passion, Freedom, And Fulfillment | A Talk By Agata Stoinska

Talks at Google welcomes Agata Stoinska, one of the most successful fashion and portrait photographers in Ireland, as well as the founder of three offshoot businesses: D-Light Studios, BLOW Photo, and maven46, the winner of the annual Dublin City Female Entrepreneur Award, the winner of the ‘Rising Star’ Award and also the winner of the […]

How To Shoot Fashion Editorial Photography

Commercial photography, fashion photography, and editorial photography all exist in the same universe. But they have significant differences. Fashion editorial photography focuses more on storytelling than advertising. It also offers more creative possibilities. Here’s all you need to know about how to shoot fashion editorial photography. WHAT IS AN EDITORIAL IN PHOTOGRAPHY?An editorial is a […]

Fashion To Décor, Every Thing You Need To Know For Your 2020 Wedding

We’re always talking about the latest trends and brainstorming creative wedding ideas, and we especially love doing this at the beginning of each year. What’s to come in the year ahead? What will the dress trends be? Is baby’s breath still back? Is there a new food truck?

Below, you’ll find ideas, trends, and thoughts that are to be seem more of in 2020. From décor moments we’re obsessed with to practices we can’t wait to see couples steal (um, we mean politely borrow). We’re revealing our best secrets and, not to brag, but we kind of know our stuff. We look at wedding pictures all…year…long, after all.

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