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Street Photography: 15 Tips And Ideas For Awesome Street Photography

Once you’re feeling comfortable and confident with your camera, creative street photography is an awesome subject to delve into – particularly if it’s in a community you’re familiar with. You never quite know what you’re going to get when photographing candid street scenes. I love the buzz of capturing unintended magical moments. This buzz, and […]

What Is A Photography Theme And 13 Awesome Photography Themes Ideas To Inspire Your Work

Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to get going with photography. Here are 13 of the coolest photography themes to inspire your photographic practice. WHAT IS A PHOTOGRAPHY THEME? In photography, a theme is an overarching concept that a photographer adheres to. From black and white photography to night or aerial photography. Using photography themes […]

All You Need To Know About Photo Series And 12 Awesome Photo Series Ideas To Try

Photo series come in a variety of interesting styles. But why do photographers love them so much? Focusing on one theme can help you reinvent your style and improve your creativity skills. WHAT IS A PHOTO SERIES? A photography series is a collection of images that are linked and showcased together. A series of photos […]

Awesome Profile Photo Ideas To Amaze Your Social Media Followers

The formula for cool profile pictures is flattering angles, expressions, lighting, and poses. Better self-portrait photography skills will impress your friends and attract more clients. We have cool profile picture tips to help you stand out from the social media crowd! WHAT YOU’LL NEED A Tripod: the taller and sturdier, the better! It should reach […]

Awesome Flat Lay Photography Ideas To Improve Your Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay photography is a versatile sub-genre of still life. It can be minimalist and simple, containing only key objects arranged in a well-thought composition. Or it can include dozens of small items, forming a sort of organized chaos. Let’s take a look at some flat lay photo ideas for your next creative still life […]

12 Adorable Ideas For Newborn Photography Props

Ideas for newborn photography props are endless. But finding props that are safe for newborns and beginning photographers is much more difficult. Many of the images that you see on Pinterest and Instagram are actually Photoshop composites. Hanging a baby from a hammock or balancing a newborn in a fireman’s hat isn’t actually safe. Not […]

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