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How To Photograph School Portraits: Tips To Improve Your School Portraits Skill

School portraits grace the yearbooks and the walls of many family homes. But working as a school portrait photographer feels like running a marathon. You might want to offer yearbook photos for your seniors. Or you might want to photograph entire schools. Here are ten school picture tips for photographers about tackling school portrait photography. […]

How To Photograph Toddlers, Kids And Siblings

The term ‘poses’ in kid poses is used loosely. Posing a toddler or young child doesn’t fall under the traditional definition of directing adults where to sit and where to place their hands. It’s more about creating a scenario where the youngster will smile naturally and stay in a position that’s a bit more photo-friendly.

The best toddler photography and children photography comes from working with that child’s unique antics. Embrace the fact that the resulting photos probably won’t look exactly like the ones in your head.

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