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How Taking Pictures Of Pets Will Make You A Better Photographer

Pictures of pets are capable of melting the coldest of hearts and improving the worst of days. One can’t help but imagine how delightful the photoshoots must be. If you were to witness the photo-taking process for your favorite images, you’d discover a world of accidents, loud noises, and challenges. As effortless as these adorable […]

A Discussion – Supermodel Helena Christensen And Portrait Photographer Mary Ellen Mark

Supermodel Helena Christensen and Documentary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark discuss their work, travels and inspirations with Mark Seliger.  From Johnny Depp to the circus performers of India and from the villages of Peru to the celebrities of Hollywood, Christensen and Mark talk about the challenges of finding the essence of their subjects and the thrill […]

How To Find Inspiration As A Photographer By Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden talks about where to find inspiration as an artist and photographer. In this clip from her Fine Art Portraits workshop, photographer Brooke Shaden reveals where she finds her inspiration. “Knowing what you want is the important part,” Brooke says before leading you through several creativity exercises. Brooke Shaden was born in March of […]

The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook – A Talk By Harold Davis

The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook is your complete guide to making and processing stunning black and white photos in the digital era. You’ll find inspiration, ideas, techniques, and tools to use in your black and white photography, along with a soup-to-nuts workflow to take you from black and white pre-visualization through capture and post-production. […]

Peter Lindbergh – The Supermodel Photographer

Peter Lindbergh was the only German in the select group of photographers who have found international acclaim in the worlds of fashion and advertising. His black and white photographs are highly distinctive. His snapshot of models in white shirts was  named the best photograph of the 1990s by Vogue magazine. But few people know who […]

Jeremy Cowart: Celebrity Photographer And Founder Of Help-Portrait

Jeremy Cowart is a powerful name and a trailblazer in the photography industry. But it’s not just his photographs that are creating a craze; it’s his art, his nature, his philanthropic platforms, his talent and his unbelievable like-ability. Besides the fact that his viewfinder has seen the likes of many major celebrities from Nashville to Los Angeles, he balances his passions with other arts, his family, and giving back.

Become A Better Photographer By Self-Portraiture

Meaningful self-portraiture photography is no small feat. It involves focus, persistence, and an endless openness to improvement. As both the photographer and model, you’re in charge of posing, lighting, and camera settings.

As challenging as these responsibilities are, they’re more than just extra work. They’re opportunities to become a better photographer in general. I started taking self-portraits because I was simply drawn to the genre. I had no idea that the challenges I faced would shape me into a more empathetic, expressive, and observant individual. But when I started taking photos of other people and things, I realised how much self-portraiture had affected my photography.

How To Become A Great Photographer – Ansel Adams’s Way

Over the weekend I visited an Ansel Adams exhibition in London. Having found his work to be even more breathtaking in print, I purchased a documentary about the man himself, in an effort to learn more about the artist I admire so much. What I learned has helped me to see his creative process much more clearly, and understand his thought process while taking photos. It’s this which I hope to be able to share with you today.

Why We Become A Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography is one of the most popular genres out there. If you don’t believe, take a look around the room the next time you get invited to a wedding. Nearly every guest is documenting every detail of the wedding – right from the bride walking down the aisle to the happy couple sharing their first dance. Now, not everyone is taking photos with a professional-grade camera. Most guests will be using a mobile phone or even a great entry-level DSLR camera. But weddings are such a happy moment that people almost always feel compelled to take photos.

Wedding Day Tips For A Bride From Wedding Photographer

When you started planning your wedding, you knew your planner would be a wealth of information, both when it comes to décor and the nitty-gritty of a wedding day. But did you know your wedding photographer has some incredible insight, too? Just think about it: they’re behind the scenes just as much as your planner is, they’ll spend a huge chunk of the day with the bride, the groom, and the wedding party, and they’re interacting directly with the couple and their guests constantly. So, of course, they’ll pick up all sorts of tips as they go!

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