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Styled Portraits Or Not While Photographing People

When I was a senior in high school, there was one local photographer that nearly everyone went to for their portraits. Part of her process included each person bringing in a bag of clothing to model for her. She would then help select the outfits that would ultimately be worn for the portraits. She also gave specific instructions for hair, makeup, and grooming. Quite often, the photographer hired a makeup artist to be present for the portraits – in effect she was doing styled portraits.

Photographing Couples: A Beginners’ Guide To Poses

Couple photography is more about connection, interaction and above all – feelings between two people. And most probably those are very deep and passionate feelings, which makes couple photography so delightful and positive.

Generally, a couple should be easy to engage in a photo shoot. If they are initially a bit shy or feeling uncomfortable, just ask them to show you how they felt and looked when they met for the first time. You will invoke them on an emotional level, providing you with natural and loving expressions in their portraits

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