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Light In Still Life Photography By Alex Koloskov | Talks At Google

Professional photographer and photography instructor Alex Koloskov talks about and demonstrates the beauty of still life photography.  You’ll see how studio product and still life photography are different from other types of photography and why being a “lighting engineer”  enables your to successfully work with still life subjects in the studio. Alex will also demonstrate […]

Fine Art Conceptual Photography By Jennifer B Hudson

Jennifer B Hudson is a fresh, young visual artist creating staged imagery that is both artistically stylized and meticulously crafted.  Drawing inspirations from themes of feminism and social placement, faith, purity in trust, the testing of strength, and the study of personal relationships, Jennifer is a dynamic and emotional illustrator of the human heart. With […]

Signature: Finding Your Soul’s Genius & Voice In Your Photography | A Talk By Karen Hutton

Karen has a rich and diverse background as an actor, voice over artist, professional ice-skater and dancer, horse trainer, photographer, photo workshop instructor… (the list goes on!) We are excited to be able to share with you her inspirational and moving talk on the importance of finding your own personal signature. About Topic: Our true […]

The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

From dresses to décor, style preferences vary from couple to couple. One of the most important stylistic decisions all couples have to make is choosing a wedding photographer. In fact, you should choose your wedding photography style even before you reach out to potential photographers. If you go the other route – book first, learn […]

How To Shoot Old School Hollywood Glamour Photography

Hollywood glamour photography has been a source of inspiration in portrait photography for a very long time. This style is dramatic, high in contrast, and emotional, making it the perfect genre for photographers of all kinds. Characteristics Of Hollywood Glamour Photography Hollywood glamour photography has a very specific style that can make your photos stand […]

What Is Surreal Photography: 12 Prime Examples Of Surreal Photography

Surreal photography challenges its admirers to change their perspectives, question their values, and create something unforgettable. This unique genre has inspired many photographers to recreate their wildest dreams. When surrealism was still young, photographers created their own worlds using darkroom tricks and optical illusions. Today, we can create our own peculiar worlds using real-life objects […]

Photography Through The Lens Talk By Tamara Lackey

Although there’s a big gap between self-consciousness and self-awareness, the two often need to go hand in hand when it comes to eliciting, and then photographing, authentic expression in portraits.  Managing social discomfort is a significant part of the portrait photographer’s role, and the key to doing so often lies in increased awareness of not […]

Experimenting With Low Key Black And White Photography

Think dark, moody shadows. Sparse illumination and a somber atmosphere. No color. This is low key black and white photography. Usually one main light, or ‘key’ light, falls on your subject and the background fades to black. It’s all about the highlights and shadows and how they define the shapes in your composition. Subject Selection […]

How To Shoot Minimalist Portrait Photography

Sometimes, all you want to do is go out and take striking photos of people. Some of us don’t want to worry about complicated plans, equipment, and locations. Minimalist portrait photography is the key to this. Here’s how to shoot simple and powerful portraits. What Is Minimalist Portrait PhotographyMinimalist portrait photography is a sub-genre that’s […]

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