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The Art Of Scanography: Scanning 3D Objects For Amazing Photos

Scanography is a technique that uses a flatbread scanner to create photography. It first became popular in the early 2000s. It is an interesting method that can help you create unique images. And it doesn’t require a lot of equipment! What Do You Need For Scanography? To make a scanner photograph, you arrange objects on […]

Try These Grunge Photography Tips For Edgy Photos

Grunge photography is a style where the final image looks dirty, distressed, or distorted. To create grunge pictures a photographer uses in-camera technique and edgy post-processing. Much like grunge music with its antsy lyrics and distorted chords, the best grunge photos will bring up disturbing emotions. Here’s how to achieve that grunge photography look. The […]

Tips For Good Wedding Photos – For Wedding Photos You’ll Want To Look At For Years

So much of your wedding day is fleeting-the cake will get eaten, the flowers will be donated and the band will have to stop playing eventually-but your wedding photos will be yours to keep forever. You owe it to yourself (and any future generations) to do everything you can to make them look beautiful and […]

The Pros And Cons Of First Look Photos – Let Us Help You Decide, If You Are Not Sure

Among the myriad of wedding day traditions, first looks are popular-yet-polarizing. Nearly half of all couples who wed last year decided to go with a first look. But if you’re on the fence about taking first look photos, consider the pros and cons. While it can be a special moment on your wedding day, it […]

How To Pose For Your Wedding Photos – Tips For Looking Natural And Comfortable In Your Wedding Photos

If the idea of taking thousands of photos on your wedding day seems daunting, you’re not alone. After all, unless you’re a professional model, you’re probably not accustomed to being in front of the camera for hours on end. So how do you pose for a wedding photographer to guarantee shots you’ll actually want to […]

A Complete Guide To Taking Family Photos At Your Wedding

The couple is the focal point on any wedding day, but there’s another set of guests that’s equally important, particularly when it comes to photographs: family. Sure, couples want those must-have wedding photos like vows and the first look, but according to wedding photographer Sirena Singleton, wedding-day family photos are some of the most treasured […]

Tips For Capturing Colorful, Messy First Birthday Photos

Nothing quite says beautiful mess like first birthday cake smash photography. But when you decide to go the DIY route, the results tend to be less beautiful and more mess. From shooting my firstborn’s cake smash to his little sister’s, I’ve discovered a few tricks to getting colorful, messy first birthday photos with DIY cake […]

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