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What Is Fashion Photography: The Different Types Of Fashion Photography You Should Know

Fashion photography is as diverse as the clothing styles we wear. Here are the various fashion photography types you should know. Keep this list handy and you’ll soon be able to photograph models in any scenario. Popular Fashion Genres The type of outfit dictates how we shoot photos. And every fashion genre has a specific […]

The Great Debate: Should You Host A Destination Wedding? Find Out If A Wedding Away From Home Is The Right Choice For You

Did you just get engaged? Congratulations! Chances are you’re narrowing down a wedding venue – and that doesn’t have to mean just in your zip code. You can have a wedding anywhere around the world. But is a destination wedding right for you and your fiancé? We think they’re pretty special, so before you book […]

What Are Bridal Portraits And Why Should You Take Them?

If you’re only planning one day of photos in your dream dress – the wedding day – you’re missing out. Bridal portraits are a dry-run for the big day; they’re a wedding-day stress reducer, a reassuring run-through, and an excuse to wear your gown more than once. That’s why many brides favor this wedding tradition. […]

Why You Should Get Image Right In-Camera

This is a tricky subject to tackle because there is so much wiggle room when it comes to defining what the term in-camera really means. To some, it means allowing for no post-production at all, even simple cropping. Others define it as getting things mostly correct at the time you press the shutter button, even though some basic adjustments such as straightening or exposure correction might be needed later. There are photographers for whom getting it right in-camera means looking out for background obstacles, stray hairs, or wayward arms and legs that might otherwise ruin a good picture.

The 10 Different Types of Portrait Photography You Should Know

Portrait photography is devoted to capturing people and personality. But portraits often go beyond a photo of a smiling person. There are many different sub-genres or types of portrait photography. Ready to flex your creative muscle and expand the different types of portrait photography in your arsenal? Here are the 10 different types of portrait photography you should know.

What Is Black and White Wedding Photography And Why You Should Try

Black and white wedding photography may be devoid of colour, but sometimes, taking away the colour adds something greater to the image. But isn’t black and white photography going backwards and removing the benefits of today’s colour digital sensors? Many new photographers are under this illusion and ignore what can be a very valuable tool. If you’re stuck between colour and black and white, here’s why you should consider black and white photography for weddings.

10 Beauty Appointments You Should Make Before Your Wedding Day

We’re here, of course, to get you as prepared as possible for your wedding day – and even if aesthetics aren’t that important to you, you might want to consider booking the below beauty appointments before your “I dos” (not only so you feel as confident as possible on your day, but also so you love every single photo). For the record, we think you’ll look beautiful no matter what – but here are some appointments you may not want to skip.

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