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Stuck At Home? Try This Tips For Better Indoor Photography

When I first started indoor photography, I was afraid of the limitations. As a natural light enthusiast, I wanted to have as few restrictions as possible. When I discovered the positive sides of this genre, I was able to pinpoint my creative weaknesses. It helped me strengthen the skills I already had. Indoor photography is a flexible genre for several reasons

Stuck At Home? Try This Still Life Photography Ideas

Looking for a spark of inspiration for your still life photography ideas? Feel like you’ve tried everything and there’s nothing left to discover with still life subjects? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There is no universal recipe for getting inspired. But every still life photographer has a set of tricks and go-to ideas to kick-start the process.

Stuck At Home? Explore Your Home With Macro Photography

Macro photography is all about exploring the wonders of the world around you from a very close distance. Macro lenses let you see the tiniest parts of the world in extreme detail, often exposing an array of colors and patterns hidden right before our eyes. Macro lenses are also expensive! However, if you find yourself stuck at home for a while, you can start exploring your home with close-up filters instead. They’re a cheap alternative to macro lenses and can transform the mundane into the magnificent!

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